Amplifying Your Corporate Community Investment Program

December 6, 2017 Matthew Fawcett

How the right grants software can boost your corporate, social and employer brand with no additional budget

Corporate donations have long been a cornerstone of corporate social responsibility programs. And while workplace giving, matching and volunteer programs are becoming bigger pieces of the picture, larger grants remain important because they represent significant endowments of money for charities, allowing them to implement programs and projects that are mission critical to advance their causes. However, as the landscape of community investment changes, so too does the opportunity to increase the social and business ROI on grants.

A quick look at traditional corporate community investment

Corporate community investment programs have traditionally comprised three components:

  1. Large donations made to charities of the company’s choosing throughout the year. These charities are typically selected by the company and often aligned with strategic focus areas (or sometimes chosen by a senior executive who’s passionate about a particular cause).
  2. An annual campaign that raises funds from employees that then go to a cause or federated appeal of the company’s choosing. While the amounts raised can be significant, employees often have no choice in which cause is supported (and sometimes little choice in participating!).
  3. Small grants, such as gift matching or volunteer grants, to employees supporting causes that are important to them as individuals or that reward them for their service in the community.

While the way companies manage their community investment program is good, there’s a lot of opportunity to bring the traditional components together for greater impact. Despite the millions of corporate dollars donated to good causes, employees are often completely unaware of their employer’s community efforts. Worse still, they’re often disenfranchised by the “arm-twisting” that can go on in annual campaigns, which paradoxically results in higher participation but lower employee engagement.

At Benevity, we’ve been working with Fortune 1000 companies to help them achieve better business and social outcomes by aligning their community investment and employee engagement strategies and harnessing the power of these programs when they are brought together on a single technology platform. The results are impressive.

Download our eBook for a deeper look at how to amplify your community investment program through a more holistic approach.



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Matthew Fawcett

Since co-founding GrantStream in 2000, Matthew has found a perfect cultural fit as Benevity’s VP Grants Solutions. Having disrupted the corporate grants space by introducing a SaaS grants management solution before anyone knew what “SaaS” meant, he now enjoys being part of a committed team, passionate about helping companies help communities. A veteran road-warrior, Matthew is happy to jump on a plane to meet clients face-to-face, learn more about their programs and collaborate on implementing solutions that will exceed expectations. Just make sure he gets to Montreal by Thursday night in time for his old-timers’ hockey game.

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