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October 30, 2015 benevity


Integrating employee giving, volunteering and corporate grantmaking

For too long now, two of the most important activities in the corporate Goodness space – workplace giving (which includes matching and volunteering) and corporate grantmaking – have operated in relative isolation. Companies have used separate applications for each function: employee giving applications that were developed originally from grantmaking functionality, or grew out of old paper-based programs, with rules and thresholds dictated by administrative or technical limitations rather than program strategy. A seamless and easy-to-use solution that delivers engaging, successful outcomes in both areas has been sorely lacking.  

Admittedly, these giving and granting functions may sometimes be operated by different teams within a company, one devoted to employee engagement through charitable giving of time and talent, and the other fielding and responding to outside requests for funding social impact projects. Often however, both programs are funded by the corporate foundation and are ultimately under the same corporate roof (and in all cases, they share common goals). But the fact that they may be administered by different teams in some companies is an even more compelling reason for bringing them under one technology solution. 

The landscape of corporate social responsibility is changing rapidly. Shared value, sustainable development goals, triple bottom line reporting, engagement around issues that are emotive to employees and customers…there is a lot of opportunity/imperative out there that requires attention. 

Removing silos & building bridges for greater impact

If there is one thing that is certain as the realm of CSR evolves, both in specific companies and the landscape at large, it is that there is a required melding of strategy, tactics, business/social outcomes, reporting and audiences (among other things!) that spans across geographies, operating departments, seniority levels, user-demographics and even budgets. Most successful CSR or ‘Goodness’ initiatives are cross-functional in scope; most enabling tools are not. Technology by itself cannot de-silo functions and create collaboration where none has existed, but it sure can help! 

Early in 2014, we wrote about emerging trends in corporate social responsibility, where our CEO, Bryan de Lottinville identified the growing move toward alignment and integration in corporate social good programs. At that time, we had already embarked on a course of offering both giving and grantmaking to our clients, and we recently took the next step in that evolution by acquiring an established grants management provider called GrantStream.

Introducing a single Goodness solution that does it all

By adding a best-in-class ‘Grants by Benevity’ module to our award winning employee giving and volunteering application, we’re creating a completely seamless ecosystem for corporate Goodness Programs. We’re making it easier for program administrators to manage all of their philanthropic activities, gain greater leverage from existing budgets, and better deliver on social and business outcomes from these initiatives. We’ve also got some pretty cool ideas for how nonprofits can benefit from some innovative thinking in the area of corporate grantmaking, as well.

Effective CSR and community investment programs should be about ‘and’ not ‘or’. You invest in social and community issues and you engage your employees and customers around that. You support specific charities or pillars that align with your brand and you empower broad choice to create personal resonance and participation. You have one click reporting on investments to nonprofits where your people are giving/volunteering and on where the company’s grantmaking budget has been deployed. And you do it all with technology that has been built around the user, rather than just the function.

The all-in-one solution with a true ecosystem view simplifies the entire process for all stakeholders – from the C-Suite and program administrators in companies, to their employees, customers, supply chain and broader stakeholders, to the eligible charities, non-profits and social issues they all seek to impact.

That seems like a pretty powerful solution to us (but maybe we’re biased).

And there are lots of other problems that can be solved by re-examining the status quo in this space, and you’re helping identify them. Really, we are just getting started.

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