The Rise of Employees as Agents of Change

June 27, 2018 Bryan de Lottinville

Introducing Missions from Benevity

When we founded Benevity 10 years ago, we were convinced we could help companies transform how they make a difference in the world by offering software that engages their people in a way that’s personal, empowering and easy (and in being a bit constructively disruptive along the way). We intentionally used the term “Goodness” rather than philanthropy in part because we wanted to avoid conventional associations that people and companies might have with the philanthropic space and in part because the traditional terms and approaches were too narrow to represent where we wanted our platform to go.

Today, our global enterprise clients run some of the most successful (and impactful) corporate Goodness programs in the world, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a small part of their success. By adopting a more empowered and user-centric approach, many are translating these more progressive programs into business impact, as well. But at Benevity, we’re always thinking about what’s next and we know there’s always better.

Today’s empowered and purpose-driven workforce
The corporate social responsibility software space has seen some pretty major changes over the past decade (not to mention the seismic shifts in corporate giving we’ve witnessed since the 2016 election cycle). Today’s workplace is vastly different from the one that I and my fellow boomers joined years ago! Despite the existence of much-needed diversity in workforce demographic and management practices, employees across locations, roles, generations, ethnic backgrounds, education and income levels all want the same thing: to feel included and to belong at work, to have a personal sense of meaning and impact, and to be part of a purpose-driven culture. And there are increasing amounts of data that make this thesis unequivocal. For instance, a whopping 81% of North Americans feel that companies should take action to address important issues facing society, making business our best bet to drive real social change.

This radical change in the way we work and the expectations of consumers explain why we’ve needed a new approach to corporate philanthropy for at least the last decade. And, we have been heartened by the way companies have been responding. They have switched their focus from traditional, top-down corporate philanthropy to fostering an employee experience and workplace culture where people can achieve their goals through corporate “Goodness” programs and enabling software that democratize giving and empower employees to be “agents of change” at work and at home. 

Ready for your next Mission?
Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Benevity’s next generation corporate social responsibility and employee engagement product: Missions. Whether it’s diversity, inclusion and equality or sustainability and environmental stewardship or the pursuit of solving one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, or any other purpose-driven initiative under the sun, Missions can help you engage your employees as agents of change in a fun and gamified experience that encourages them to take positive action. The best part is that by integrating these activities into our broader corporate Goodness platform, it can easily complement a company’s giving, volunteering and granting programs and can, in fact, help to amplify existing efforts in these areas.

The proof is in the beta
We launched the Missions beta earlier this year with a group of clients in the manufacturing, technology and financial services sectors. And the results have been pretty awesome: 

  • Missions helped people feel more connected to their company through small, everyday actions
  • Beta clients saw an increase in donations by 61% when Missions was integrated with existing giving and matching campaigns
  • Missions engaged almost 80% of remote workers in a company’s initiatives and culture! 

And the feedback from users has been just as powerful:

“Missions felt like my company was actively helping me to be more informed. I felt positive about making a quantifiable difference and knowing that others are also participating. Missions gave me the incentive to take actions that are otherwise easy to dismiss. I was surprised how it motivated me by a combination of feeling I had made a commitment and being competitively driven.” —Sarah, Fortune 1000 manufacturing company


“Missions has changed my way of interacting with things every day. For example, I try to use the revolving door and turn off the water while shampooing. It gives me a good feeling that I am saving our mother earth. My next step will be spreading those good habits with family and friends.” 
– Karandeep, a Beta Missioneer!

It has long been our goal to evolve the prevailing approach to employee giving and cause marketing from one that is largely top-down and transactional to one that is experiential and cultural.  After 2.5 years of innovating, developing, testing and refining our newest product, we are incredibly excited to see Missions take off and help corporations and their people become an even bigger force for good in our world. 

Learn more about Missions!

About the Author

Bryan de Lottinville

Bryan de Lottinville is the Founder and Chairman of Benevity, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based software that powers purpose-driven business for hundreds of iconic brands. Known for espousing a democratized approach to corporate ‘Goodness’, Bryan provokes ideas that provide better social and business returns, while simultaneously tackling some of the biggest struggles in the social impact landscape.

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