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May 4, 2020 Benevity, Inc

Benevity Labs Special Report: COVID-19 Relief  

In our new Benevity Labs COVID-19 Special Report, we look at how some of the world’s most iconic brands are activating their people and communities during a time of global crisis.

For this report, we examined our platform data to identify the number of companies and individuals taking action, the ways in which they are acting and the related trends that are emerging. In addition, we pulled together examples of how specific companies are responding.

Download the report for:

- The top 5 ways companies are creating collective impact though their employees, customers and communities.

- The types of causes seeing a significant increase in support from companies and their people right now.

- Industry trends that indicate how employees, customers and communities expect companies to respond.

- Examples of what companies like Adobe, BlackRock, Dolby, Liberty Mutual, Microsoft and QVC are doing to provide relief and recovery.


Read the Executive Summary:

With many of the world’s most iconic brands using Benevity to power their corporate purpose, we’re uniquely positioned to see how these companies are responding to the COVID-19 crisis (and the multiple economic and social crises it’s manifested). We examined our platform data between March 1 (just before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic) and April 30 and discovered the following five trends.

  1. Business has been quick to respond, despite economic uncertainty. More than 500 companies and 450,000 of their people drove $640 million in donations, 786,000 volunteer hours, 53,000 small acts of Goodness and 8,648 corporate grants to support 79,000 global causes in just 8 weeks.
  2. Community investment budgets are being sustained or boosted. Of the largest 175 companies, 83% indicated no changes to their CSR program budgets and 63% reported the desire to run social impact initiatives (or are already running them).
  3. Matching donations is the most common response. Our data shows that 63% of companies engaged their employees, customers and/or the public by matching donations. Overall donation volume per day was up 36% in March and 134% in April, with an average of $8.1 million being donated through the Benevity platform every day.
  4. Volunteering has declined, but virtual volunteering is on the rise. Volunteer hours dropped by 12% in March and 20% in April, highlighting the impact of physical distancing on giving time and talent in traditional ways. However, the number of open spots for virtual volunteers has climbed steadily, with 44,000 available opportunities as of March 26. We expect volunteering to rebound as this trend continues.
  5. The types of causes people and companies are supporting has shifted. Significant increases in the share of total donation volume are most notable in the categories of human services (+24%), food security (+268%), public safety and disaster preparedness/relief (+57%), community improvement (+57%) and employment (+141%).

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