Sharing Your Cause Story Through the Benevity Causes Portal

March 6, 2018 Benevity, Inc

6 tips for connecting with corporate partners and their employees

As workplace giving, employee volunteering and corporate grant-making programs increasingly move to engagement-focused, year round open-choice models, charities have a whole new set of tools at their disposal to tell their stories and attract new supporters. Your Charity Profile at the Benevity Causes Portal enables you to reach out and connect digitally to the millions of people who participate in giving and volunteering programs powered by Benevity’s software.

Here are six simple ways that your organization can make the most of your Charity Profile to engage more supporters for your cause through this global engagement platform!

1. Add your logo for brand recognition
Your organization’s logo is the quickest way to grab someone’s attention. Logos are the first thing that donors see in search results – adding yours is simple and is the best way of jumping off the page and engaging a supporter.

​2. Provide detailed information about your mission, vision and impact
Next, use the profile description to communicate with potential supporters. Use this space to tell people about how your organization is making a difference, and the impact that their support will make. You can make this profile description as rich and detailed as you like – include links to your official website and your different social media sites, and add contact information to provide a direct channel for people to reach out to you.Here's how a richly detailed Charity Profile page appears to donors and volunteers using Benevity software.

3. Create a Project for focused fundraising
Projects are a powerful tool for you to engage with supporters. A project is a connected, secondary profile page for your cause, that appears separately in search results, that you can use to highlight a specific initiative. This can be everything from a disaster relief appeal, to a one-time fundraising campaign, to an ongoing spotlight around a particular aspect of your mission. Projects enable donors to give directly to the appeal or initiative, and allow you to see the funds highlighted separately in your monthly donor report. You can learn more about creating Projects here.

4. Add Volunteer Opportunities & engage your supporters
Need help from supporters in the form of volunteer time and gifts of individual talents? You can create Volunteer Opportunities that appear directly in the programs of participating companies. These opportunities will appear in the search results for volunteers using Benevity software depending on their location, skills and interests.

Tip: You can connect with corporate partners who are using Benevity to power their volunteering programs to create private opportunities just for their employees. These private opportunities are ideal for skills-based volunteer initiatives tailored to the skills and expertise of your corporate partners, and can go a long way to deepening these relationships while growing your organizational capacity. You can learn more about creating Volunteer Opportunities here.

5. Continue to update your profile with the latest news & stories
​Your Charity Profile isn’t a one-and-done box to check – it’s an ongoing opportunity for you to share timely stories and updates with your current and potential supporters. Update it often with your latest news so that people can see how their support is helping you achieve your goals and mission. Share the outcomes of your fundraising projects, stories from successful volunteer events, your annual reports and updates – your Charity Profile should always have the latest information about what you’re doing and why it matters.

Check out our webinar: Strategies for a Successful Giving Season for more advice on making the most of your Charity Profile.

6. Align & collaborate with your corporate partners
You’ve worked hard to cultivate deep relationships with companies – and more and more of those companies are planning and executing their corporate social responsibility strategies using Benevity’s software solutions. Work together with your community investment partners as they plan and execute their employee engagement campaigns, annual fundraisers and volunteering events. Work with them to create Giving Opportunities and Projects for their people to donate to your cause directly through their Benevity software.

By maximizing your Charity Profile at the Benevity Causes Portal, you’ll make it easier for the millions of people using Benevity’s software to find your organization, learn about the difference you’re making, and support you through their donations and volunteering time.


Not registered in the Benevity Causes Portal? Get started here. Questions about your Charity Profile or the Benevity Causes Portal? We have helpful resources available here.

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