COVID Response Kit: New York City

May 20, 2020 Benevity, Inc

Use these resources to create a giving campaign that supports the healthcare response

As the novel coronavirus has spread all over the globe, few places in the U.S. have been as badly affected as New York City. Hospitals have been overrun with patients, morgues have struggled to find room for the deceased, and personal protective equipment and ventilators are in short supply.

More than 80,000 people are helping care for patients as medical reinforcements. These healthcare workers need masks, protective suits and goggles. They also need more ventilators and medical testing equipment. The residents of New York City, who’ve focused on limiting their contact with others through social distancing, need food and other support.

Support the pandemic response in New York City with a giving campaign

It can be challenging for your company to run a campaign if you’re not sure which charities or nonprofits are doing the most vital work on the ground in NYC right now, or you’re struggling to find the words you need to convey the importance of giving in this situation and inspire your people to do good.

To help you, we created a campaign kit with ready-to-use resources specific to New York City that includes:

  • A list of recommended nonprofits, all vetted through the Benevity Causes Portal, to support. We suggest choosing three to six to include in your campaign.
  • Templates for a giving opportunity and a News Item.

Download the campaign kit here.

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