Benevity is Excited to Support the Launch of Apple Pay for Nonprofits

November 15, 2016 Bryan de Lottinville

This is a big week. One of the most prodigious companies in the world, Apple, announced the ability for charities to receive donations via Apple Pay. And we’re pretty excited to play a role by enabling charities from the Benevity Causes Portal to gain access to this new way to donate that’s fast and convenient.

Why does this matter? Because it’s further proof of the growing trend of corporations using their wealth and resources to enable more social good. More specifically, we are seeing technology used to evolve outdated ways of giving while providing charities with a more efficient way of receiving much-needed funds.

“Making charitable giving easier and more prevalent have always been at the heart of what we do,” said Bryan de Lottinville, CEO and founder of Benevity. “For almost a decade, Benevity has been providing Fortune 1000 companies with technology to enable their people to easily and securely donate to the causes that matter to them. Today, we’re excited to be supporting the launch of Apple Pay as a donation method so that more people, can do more good, in a more efficient way.”

Benevity’s Causes Portal includes more than 2 million charities from more than 200 countries. When charities claim their profiles and complete our industry-leading self-certification process, they not only become eligible for Apple Pay, they also gain access to many of the world’s largest corporate giving and volunteering programs, helping them receive employee donations, corporate grants and matching funds.

As a company that has been focused on making charitable giving for charities, companies and their people simpler, easier and faster, it is natural for Benevity to support Apple’s expansion of the Apple Pay program into the sector.

If you are a nonprofit and wish to become eligible for Apple Pay, please visit

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